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EFDA7 With Visual Clogging Indicator


Low-weight change-over filter with two elements for industrial application. EVOTEK duplex filter with 400 l/min flow rate.


Product Description

  • Operating pressure up to 25 bar
  • 400 l/min max. flow rate
  • installation in line
  • application in Ship steering, Continuous operation industrial systems and High flow flushing systems
  • compliant with industry relevant ISO standards(see ISO test below)

Technical Specifications

  • Application In-line duplex filter (400 l/min)
  • Port Sizes: Threaded Connections according to BSP and NPT standard in 1-¼”,1-½” and SAE20/SAE24 threads Flange Connections in SAE DN40 for 3000psi
  • Flow rate: max. 400 l/min
  • Operating Pressure: max. 25 bar
  • Burst Pressure: min. 75 bar
  • Element collapse pressure: 10 bar Fibreglass, 30 bar Wire Mesh
  • By-pass opening pressure: ∆p= 3.5bar ± 0.5bar or ∆p =7bar ± 0.5bar
  • Clogging indicator setting: ∆p =2.5bar ± 10%or ∆p= 5bar ± 10%
  • Seals: NBR or FPM (-10°C to 100°C)
  • Filter Head: Aluminium
  • Filter Bowl: Aluminium
  • Compatibility: Suitable for mineral oils, lubrication oils, non-flam fluids, synthetic and rapidly biodegradable oils (for use with water or other fields please contact our technical department)
  • Tested according to ISO standards:
    ISO2941 Collapse/burst resistance
    ISO2942 Fabrication integrity
    ISO2943 Material compatibility integrity
    ISO3723 Method for end load test
    ISO3724 Flow fatigue characteristics
    ISO3968 Pressure Drop vs. Flow Rate
    ISO16889 Multi-Pass Test

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