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Dutch Wind Power – Energy Revolution on Track

Electric trains in the Netherlands powered 100% by wind energy

2017 started with a big success for the environment, the wind energy sector and the Dutch Railway (Nederlandse Spoorwegen – NS). Initially NS planned to have all electrical trains powered by renewable energy by 2018. In fact, they reached this goal one year earlier than anticipated.

In cooperation with the Dutch energy producer and supplier Eneco, NS is now powering all of its electrical trains with renewable energy, wind energy to be exact. The numbers add up to 5.500 train trips a day, which enables a daily number of 600.000 passengers nationwide to travel with a zero CO2 footprint.

Cumulated installed wind energy in the Netherlands is currently enough to sustain 2.4 million households. An amount equaling the energy demand of Amsterdam in a year is needed to power these trains annually. This sums up to around 1.2 billion kW/h.

NS is not the only company using clean energy from wind. The company known for providing the most used search engine just opened a new data center in the Netherlands solely powered by wind energy.

Partially originating from a wind farm in Delfzijl with 19 turbines, finished in 2015 in line with a 10 year deal between Eneco and the search engine provider.

train powered by wind

A true milestone has been reached, developing part of a country’s infrastructure to be 100% emission free. The bar is set high for bigger nations to catch up on the road to a green and sustainable future. Good news also for EVOTEK, being located in China, the country with the largest amount of installed wind power capacity.

return element sfor wind turbines

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