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Product News: Lightweight EFDA Duplex Filter Series

For industrial applications where it is necessary to keep the system running while performing maintenance and filter element change tasks, we recommend a duplex filter with two separate filtration chambers in one assembly.

New In-line Duplex Filter: low pressure filter for continuous operation

As addition to our portfolio we introduce the new change-over filter series EFDA, as lightweight equivalent to the EFDM high pressure duplex filter series.

For hydraulic systems with low operating pressure and high flow rates, the EFDA is a suitable match. The aluminum housing not only provides the advantage of being a lightweight alternative, but also reacts to growing demands of a cost-efficient filtration solution for industrial applications.

EFDA7 with visual clogging indicator

Function and Features of the EFDA

Both filter elements are assembled parallel with horizontally located inlet and outlet. The handle to operate the change-over valve is centered between both interconnected filter heads. Safe operation of the handle, also with one hand, is ensured by the integrated pressure equalization line.

Equipped with a differential pressure clogging indicator, the filter elements’ condition can be monitored either visually or remotely via electric signal. Thus assuring optimal protection of critical system components. The integrated flow change-over valve as well as the check valves at both elements outlets are 100% tested for leakage during assembly to ensure that there is no leakage during servicing of the contaminated filter side.

Technical Specifications

EVOTEK EFDA Sizes : 160 l/min to 400 l/min
Filtration Degree : 3µm fibreglass to 125µm wire mesh
Operating Pressure : max. 25 bar
Burst Pressure : min. 75 bar
Element Collapse Pressure : 21 bar
Clogging Indicator Setting : Δp 2.5 bar (± 10%) or Δp 5 bar (± 10%)
Connection Ports : G 1¼”, G1½”, SAE DN40 3000psi
Material : Aluminium Housing / NBR or FKM Seals